Out of all the places in the world..

Do you ever wish you were somewhere els, living in another country, being on vacation or something els? Well… don´t ….we….. all….. 🙂 BUT it is important to create a life, that you do not need a vacation from, a life, where you do not need to run away, to feel great ❤

I really enjoy spending time in other places, other countries, with my husband and children, and friends as well, but i also enjoy staying in our own house, very much indeed!

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I do not have a life i need a vacation from, i live a life where everyday is good, full of love, and happiness and laughter. That doesn´t mean that my life is always happy…funny…dancing on the table, because it is not, but moste of the time it is, so what we have done in my family is not to let the little things bother us, we do not get upset about the shitty part of life, we try to stay on top, and be happy every day.

For sure it is not possible everyday to wear the happy-face, but if you work on it, it actually IS possible 99,9% of the time ❤

If you are going through a rough time, try to focus as much as possible on the positive things in your life, things expands, so if you keep your thoughts as positive as possible, i am pretty sure, you will feel that life is going more the way you want, than against your wishes.

Do not hang around in other peoples problems and issues… be there for your partner/family/friends, if they need it, but do not take their problems on you… it os not your business to solve. And you can still be right by their side, just do not think it is your mission to change the world for them. Just as well, as you cannot expect others to solve your problems. The best you can do is to lend then your ears and shoulders, and the rest is really not up to you.

A sentence i often use is: i see it, i feel it, but it has nothing to do with me, so i will not spend my energy on it. Meaning, i will lend you my ears, and my shoulder, i will listen and do what ever is possible for me, BUT at the end of the day, i am not the one to be able to change your world.

So keep your life positive, keep your life happy, help those close to you, without thinking it is your job to solve their life. You are your own creator, and so is everyone els.

Create a life you do not need a vacation from ❤


Ps.: I would REALLY love if you would share this post with your friends- it is my wish that as many people as possible, will fine out that THEY are the master of their own destiny- that THEY can create exactly the life they want, so please share this post, it is for free, and it would really make me SO happy if you would share it❤

Pps: My book … you can buy it here in the webshop at the moment it is only in Danish, but there is being worked on a English translation- so hang tight, you can send me an email on m.e@os.dk if you want a mail as soon as the English version is available.

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