I see fire… inside the mountain…

Do you feel the fire… inside your mountain….. To me, to be alive, means that i can feel my fire inside… it is SO important to me, i need to burn for something, i need to be able to feel THAT sparkel, and i need to be able to feel my heart jump an extra time. THEN i feel i am alive ❤

When i write a blog post, i really HOPE that every one who read it, will be able to feel this, and i really hope, that my words, are taken in and that you can use them, as an inspiration, to do better, do greater, do bigger, do more… do… every day.

If i could only bring my enthusiasm into your life, and let you feel the same as i do every day i wake up, i would REALLY love that.

The other day i got a privat message from a person i know, and from what i could read between the lines, that this person did not at all get my point.. i do NOT post to make you read, as you read a magazine… if someone does not like my approach to life, then feel free to not read my posts, i do not post to facebook, instagram, here on my blog or anywhere els, to please any one, i do it because i think (and hope) that my words will touch you in some way. I DO have that sparkel inside, and i DO feel it everyday. I am a spoiled little girl, as i am so fortunate to have a wonderful husband, two (4) wonderful children, a handful of wonderful friends, and i have a happy life. My husband and i do donate a lot of money to people in need. We work hard every day. We often have friends in our house. We smile, and laugh A LOT. Positive living, is what we practice every single day.

Life has also been pretty hard on me, and my family, with a little son who was very sick when he was born, and he has to live with his chronical disease for the rest of his life. Our family also have had our LARGE share of shit, but we stick together and we try everyday to BE better, DO better, sending out lots of love and positive vibes, love and light.

I feel my fire, inside my mountain, and if you want to, i am willing to send you some of my fire, everyday. If you do not like positive vibes, just know, that you will never be able to take it away from me by your words, as i will never ever give you or anyone that power. My fire, is my fire, and that will never go away.

I wish for you, who might think i am this and that, that you one day, will be able to feel the same inside as i do every single day, every single second of my life. As you think, so shall you be.

I will continue feeling my fire, sending out all the sparkel i possible can, and i hope to hit you right there, in your heart

Always stay true to yourself, and forget about the rest. An authentic person is the person who will stand in his/her own power, who will never let anyone take them down, and just keep on sending out what his/her heart is full of.

Sending smile and love your way ❤


I did not invent todays blog post name, got it from a song, but i decided to use it anyway. The other day i listened to a song by Peter Hollens (do you know him? Btw he is GREAT and have the most amazing voice).. anyway… Peter did not write this song, but made a version of his own. The song is written by Ed Sheeran to the movie: The Hobbit.

Ps.: I would REALLY love if you would share this post with your friends- it is my wish that as many people as possible, will fine out that THEY are the master of their own destiny- that THEY can create exactly the life they want, so please share this post, it is for free, and it would really make me SO happy if you would share it❤

Pps: My book … you can buy it here in the webshop at the moment it is only in Danish, but there is being worked on a English translation- so hang tight, you can send me an email on m.e@os.dk if you want a mail as soon as the English version is available.

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Pppps: Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading my blog, leave a message, I would love to read your words, and I will reply after my very best abilities❤

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