The sound of silence

Very often i get inspired by songs i listen to… it could be a soft song or a harder song. Today i just saw a friend on facebook, who had put: Disturbed- The sound of silence, on the facebook wall, so of course i HAD to listen to is, and it was BEAUTIFUL!

To me, the sound of silence is not a lonely place, to me the sound of silence is the place, where i most often, get inspired… hereby i do not mean the song, but the meaning of the words.

I have never had any problems being in my own company, i really do love other peoples company, but when everything around me i silent, this is where i find my own thoughts, new ideas, new things to try out, to develop. So to me, there is nothing scary about the sound of silence.

It is through silence, i often get inspired to do things… so what is the meaning to me, of being inspired… in-spirit… to me, it is to be touched somehow, by a thing that turns into an inspiration, that then leads me to do something, mostly it comes out to make the world a happier place, by turning negative into positive. You can be an inspiration to other people, and that would be, to me, if you do something, not to make yourself look better or to put yourself “out there”, but to try to change their life, without you “getting” anything out of it.

When i see my children being inspired, it makes me SO happy, because then i know, that they feel something, most likely, in their hearts, that they will try to bring into this world.

So listen to a song, can make a hugh change in my day… and i am always careful, that the songs i listen to, does not in any way “bring med down”… my life i too short, to be sad and sorry, i always want to bring myself higher up, not letting myself dive into a sad song. It can for sure be a sad song, but if it gives meaning to you, that does not bring you down… then by all means, listen to it  ❤ otherwise ….chose your songs wisely, as they will either build you up, or bring you down…. i often uses a few lines, or words from a song, and i turn them into what ever brings me up ❤ What this song does to me, is very powerful, not that i listen to the text, because i do not do that in this song, but a few of the words, made me think of what THE SOUND OF SILENCE does to me ❤

According to Wikipedia, Garfunkel once summed up the song’s meaning as “the inability of people to communicate with each other, not particularly internationally but especially emotionally, so what you see around you are people unable to love each other….. and that brings me back to, if we all just loved a little more everyday, if we loved ourselves and others, just a little more each day, now THAT would bring this world to a completely other level… so let me and you be in-spired with these words, and try to make a difference today, in our own life, and also in others ❤

This is the original song by Simon and Garfunkel…

When i was younger i very often listened to that version ❤ now i heard this version, and love it just as much ❤ :

Have a wonderful and loving day… remember to listen, also to the silence ❤


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