Do you drive people crazzzy?

Are you the one to drive other people crazy, do they know what “pills” you are taking?

How do you live, do you either make others love you or the opposite. I am not talking about how big your house is, how many cars and what kind of cars it is, i am not talking about the clothes you wear or the name of you sunglasses… what i am talking about is, how you live your life, in the body you have.

It seems like, the more happy you are, and the more you enjoy life, the more you can either drive other people nuts, or you can make them want more “of” you.

I have people in my life, they are so happy and wonderful to be around, that i just want “more of them”, i want to hang around, and just “suck” all that wonderful and happy energy i can, from their present, the more the better.

I also know people who are not having this energy, and i really do not want more from them. I still love them and their company, but it really is not like i want more, they makes me feel tired, and down, and sometimes i need to sleep after spending a couple of hours in their company.

I think… and that i just my thoughts, but i still think, that when you have “that” sparkel, you are always able to lighten up somebody´s day, take them higher, than they tought was possible. I think that being a positive individuel, YOU can change the life of others. Changing others life, should however, NEVER be your goal, as you cannot change other peoples life, BUT at the same time, you change your own life.

Try to sparkel everyday, it is quit easy, just be a positive person, smile, and be polite, and send out all the love you can.

I am sure, and that is just again, my own thoughts… i think that when you are a positive person, you do not get sick very easy, i think that the critical diseases, will not “bite” on you, as fast (if at all) as they do on “negative” people. Hereby i do not say, that if you are a positive person, cancer will never get you…it is more complex than that (healthy food, workout etc… keeping you as fit and healthy as possible) but with a positive mindset, you will keep the acidic level low and the more alkaline you keep your mind and body, it will have a HUGH impact, in keeping diseases away. But never forget, that it is not only the food, but also your thoughts, that makes you body either one or the other.

It is funny how some of the old sayings, tell what kind of diseases you get if you do this and that… have you ever thought about that?

I really hope that i am the person that drives people crazy, and that they want “more” of me, i feel wonderful i my life, in my body and in my mind. I am not full of negativity and other stuff, and when a negative thought crosses my mind, i always work on NOT to let it “get” to me… i see it, let it in, and then let it out again… so as long as it does not get stuck inside me, i am home free. Of course negative things also happens in my life, but actually it is pretty seldom, so i am a lucky girl.

My goal is to drive people crazy… nuts… wanting the same “pills” as me.. i want each and everyone to understand, that they are their own creator, and what they put their mind on is what will expand.

I would give everything i have (  ❤ not my husband and children of course <3) but everything els, if i could just make everyone in the world understand… like REALLY understand, that a positive mind will ALWAYS win, and make you live 100%.

So many people speak about, wooow…i have no energy… did you feel his/her energy… it was a great energy… but they do not REALLY get, what that energy is… that that energy is actually something that THEY produces, and that THEY, themselves, can use and build that energy, and it is THAT energy, that can either attract or push away their own happiness.

The lower your energy, the lower you life… the higher your energy… the more beautiful live is. Actually this can be measured… do you know the “Map of consciousness” (you can also google it) …. it will show you, the lower your energy, the lower you will be on this map… the higher your energy… the more wonderful your life will for sure be. I will put these drawings in (i did not make them.. so that credit goes to the once that did)… to let you see, that it actually measurable… so you chose… where do you want to be… it is ALWAYS only up to you ❤

on the first picture you see the level… then the log… then the emotion… and then life view… do you see on the list, where you are working? I do see myself there. And as the log tell us, the lower the log, the lower our emotions, and so on.

Be the one that drives people nuts, be the one that see the good and the gift in every situation, even the crappy once… be the one to create your own life, insted of just sleeping your way through life, YOU have to do this, YOU are the one who CAN do this, you are you own creator, and you are the one to decide, if you want to be that person who others want more of.

Make a decision, that from this moment on, you will try to keep your mind, as positive and happy, so you can drive people crazy, crazy to get more, and crazy to want to do the same as you have. A positive life, will bring more positive, and how will it end, when all this positive is brought out into this world… i can only emagine ❤ wouldn´t that just be WONDERFUL ❤


❤ Love and positive thoughts ❤ is send your way ❤


Ps.: I would REALLY love if you would share this post with your friends- it is my wish that as many people as possible, will fine out that THEY are the master of their own destiny- that THEY can create exactly the life they want, so please share this post, it is for free, and it would really make me SO happy if you would share it❤

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