Take YOUR world by storm

Go do it… go do what you want to do, of course behave as a human when you do it. Take the world by storm, every day, not for the sake of the world, but for the sake of yourself ❤

Do not just sit around, waiting for things to happen, MAKE things happen! You are the one, the one and only, that can make things happen, in your life, it is yours and yours alone.

If you are in a job you do not really like, or in a relationship, where your heart is not with you. Then consider the fact, that many people (not me but that´s another story) but many people believe, that we have one life, and one life only, so why the Hell waste it with something that doesn´t touch your heart… why.

If you are in a miserable relationship, why stay there, if it doesn´t bring you any good. Remember it is never your job to save another person, well, first of all it really is NOT your job, and second, you are not the one who can change the life for another person. What will happen is, that you will go down as well, and then you are not going to safe the other person anyway, and along the way, you will also loose yourself, so what good is that to anyone. Another thing is… no one can change your world, so do not ask them, it is doomed to fail. Not even a billion : I LOVE YOU… will change your world, if you seek it outside yourself ❤ Go find your self-love, it lives inside you ❤ and by living accordingly to what your heart and gut tells you, you are working on your self-love. It will not change in a few days, it takes work, hard work, to go back and find your inner self-love, and inner self-peace, but once you find it, it is like finding your way home. Self-love is NOT an egoistic way to live, let no one tell you that, self-love is to take good care of one selv, and to treat yourself with respect, listen to what is good for you and what is not. it is the only way to live a full authentic life ❤

I do not say that you should not fight for things, i do that my self, but only…ONLY when i can feel it in my heart, that is it the truth, and that it is worth fighting for. If i feel it is not worth it anymore, and that actually also happens to me sometimes, then i know i have done all in my power, and the rest is not up to me. You cannot fix the world, you cannot fix another person, you can fix YOUR world, and you can fix YOU- but only if you know what your goal is, what your wish is, and what future you want to shape.

Keep your mind positive, all negative, will come back right at you. If you behave in a bad manner towards others, it will come back in one way or the other. Negative energy both in the shape and form of your thought, your behavior and your actions, WILL eventually make you sick…so remember to take good care of you, so diseases will not get you.

Positivity is key, and that is what changes the world, your world, and the world around you. Do not shame other people, that says more about you than it says about them. Simply walk away, it is the most powerful thing you can do. Do not expect others to change, because they most likely will not. Stay if you can feel it in your heart and gut, otherwise, leave.

You do not have to say yes to a relationship (or a job) just because the other part need you to… you can say yes, if it feels right to you. Take YOUR world by storm, and the rest is not up to you ❤

Love and smiles from ❤





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