Keep your eyes open

It has come to my mind that a lot of people are going through life, with their eyes wide shut. Yes we can see the sun is shining , or that the rain is running on our windows, or if we have luckily succeeded to put on two of the same shoes this morning, but all the opportunitets that life offers us, many people do not see.

all too many people everyday let´s SO many of Lifes gifts pass their path, and never get a grip on them, to discover them fully and get the potentil out of those gifts… why is that? Is it simply because they do not want to, or… it is simply because they are not open to all the greatness that comes their way?

Maybe it is simply because, they do not LOOK, and SEE what is coming their way…

Sometimes life offers us lemons… but insted of giving up, why not turn those lemons into lemonade?

It is very often in the hardest times of our Lifes, that we learn them most. And why not try to find the gift in those things.

life doesn´t happen To us, but FOR us! And i you open your eyes, you will see, that in the hardest times, there are plenty of gifts as well… life offers us a life lesson, and when your eyes are open, you will see them. You will see that you can grow from despair, you will see that you can grow in sooooo many ways.

Try to keep your eyes open today, and see, really see, and tell me if you didn´t earn a new thing…maybe two…today.

IF you are willing, for sure life WILL show you excatly what it has in the bag for you, but you need to OPEN your eyes, and really see, otherwise it will just pass by you.

With my eyes WIDE open, i send you love and light ❤



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