Stay positive… always

Sometimes we meet people, or find ourselves in situations that are not positive… sometimes we are held captive in a negative environment… but who are we to blame?

I write in my book about “toxin” people, and “toxin” environments, and i want to write about it here, because it can change your life, if you UNDERSTAND what i am saying, and my suggesting to you.

Sometimes we find that other people can drive us crazy… drive us nuts… drive us to live a life we really do not want to live.

But you have to STOP… because unless you are a child, you have your own voice, and a choice. You always have 2 choices, you can stay and you can go.

If i find myself in a situation, i ALWAYS have the choice… do i want to stay or do i want leave.

You can NEVER blame anyone, other that yourself… that doesn´t mean, that other people will NOT try to lure you into some kind of shit, or “just” invite you into their negative energy.. but you ALWAYS have a choice… you can stay or you can go.

One thing is for sure… you can not CHANGE people, unless they are willing to make a change themselves… so if you think you can change your friend… your spouse… think again. You cannot do that, unless THEY are willing to do so themselves.

Insted, you can change YOU, you can change what you feel for a person, a thing, a situation and you can change what YOU want to be and what you want to accept. If not, you always have the option to leave. Do you want to fight for the person, thing, situation. Do you want the “thing” bad enough… if your love is strong enough… THEN you can change. But do not do it, unless, it is what you REALLY want, and what you feel in your heart, and in your gut.

As a grownup, you ALWAYS have a choice, so never ever be a victim, you are NOT. You are the one to decide, what do you want and want is it you don´t want.

I know, i did the change a few years back…as something i belived in, was to precious  to me to loose… to let go,so  i had to look inside… i had to change or i had to leave it behind… and other things had to change in the same moment… but as ALWAYS I had a choice, i was never a victim… it was MY decision to fight for what i belived in. I could have “walked” out, have left everything, but i didn´t. I will always be able to look myself in the mirror as i know i did what my heart and my gut feeling told me- but it was MY decision, I always had a choice.

So never let me hear that you see yourself as a victim, you have just as many choices as we all have, you can take FIGHT or FLIGHT… it is all up to you 🙂 always ❤ so choose wisely ❤ always… listen to your heart, you inner voice, and you know exactly what to do ❤


Fight for what feels right… leave all other tings behind ❤

Love and light


Ps.: I would REALLY love if you would share this post with your friends- it is my wish that as many people as possible, will fine out that THEY are the master of their own destiny- that THEY can create exactly the life they want, so please share this post, it is for free, and it would really make me SO happy if you would share it❤

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