What if i told you…..

What if i told you, that you are your own creator… what if i told you that YOU and YOU alone, can change YOUR world? What if i told you, that the way you SEE the world, is the way that the world will let you SEE it?

You are your own creator! ❤ In good and bad….

What if i told you, that with 100% percent certainty YOU can change your world… what would you do?

First of all, i am sure, you would be a little bit scared, like i did myself, when i discovered that… HOW come no one had told me THAT befor? And after i was done being scared… i would SMILE with the biggest SMILE ever… Because being my own creator, would let me do WHATEVER i want, and would be able to make all my dreams come true… SO hit me in the face, and let´s go, i told my life, and so i did 🙂 ❤ well… i did not hit my self, but you get the point anyway 🙂

What do i REALLY want out of my life… what do i really really REALLY want out of my life… i want freedom for me, my husband and my children…. also my friends and family, but it is not up to me to apply that to other peoples Lifes… so i can only do this to my own life, and that is my dedication.

I am sure, that what i THINK of- EXPANDS… so when there a things i do NOT want i my life, i just do not think about them.. simples as that!

I have a pretty good intuition, and when i listen to it, i can “hear” what my inner voice… my inner wisdom tells me… and when i listen to it, it will always tell me what to do. In the beginning i had to quite down every thing els- so i was ABLE to listen to my inner voice… this is NOT some kind of VOODOO or HUKUS POCUS..no religious hogwash… this is pure and simple: LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE… my body never lied to me, and never will- for that i am sure! So as long as i liste to is… do the things that FEELS right, and don´t do the things that does NOT feel right… then i know i am doing what my inner voice tell me to do.

And when you do what is RIGHT for you, you create your own life ❤

I am rarely in a bad mood, normally i am a pretty  positive person, but i have had times in my life, where life offered me lemon… but insted of going to bed and stay there for weeks..or months… i tried to “fake” happiness, because i KNEW that it was CRUCIAL to how i was feeling overall, and also because i KNEW it would make a difference in what life offered me. So yes… i faked it, and i did succeed!!! So no matter where you are in your life, remember, what you put your mind on and into, that is what you will get.

Today i do not have to quite down everything befor i can hear my inner voice, today i can do it even in a busy house, city or where i would find my self. There are a few thing i avoid, people i avoid thinking about, as they will interfere with my inner voice, and then i am not sure if it is my voice og my fear that speaks- insted when i get to think of those few people, i throw away those thought EMIDIATLY and insted i say over and over again: I AM LOVE…I AM LOVE….I AM LOVE, until i can feel the shift. No bad, nasty, stupid or disgusting people will have any power over me no more! So i let them out, let them go, and turn back to my inner peace.

By being able to make the shift, i am again THE CREATOR of my own world and life… try it 🙂 It works 🙂

I write a lot more about it in my Book: Altid en grund til at smile… still working on the English version: Always a reason to smile… so hang tight, it will be here befor you know it.

Until then: remember, you ARE your own creator, but always remember to treat other people with love and respect, if you lie, are evil or treat others like crap, it will all come RIGHT back to you and sooner or later you have to deal with it one way or the other… just like if you send out love, behave loving and kind- then THAT is what will come back to you.

Always be the very best and loving version of your self ❤


Ps.: I would REALLY love if you would share this post with your friends- it is my wish that as many people as possible, will fine out that THEY are the master of their own destiny- that THEY can create exactly the life they want, so please share this post, it is for free, and it would really make me SO happy if you would share it❤

Pps: My book … you can buy it here in the webshop at the moment it is only in Danish, but there is being worked on a English translation- so hang tight, you can send me an email on m.e@os.dk if you want a mail as soon as the English version is available.

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