Instagram… i don´t REALLY get it :)

Ok, so you can call me an old woman.. 42 years old, but still learning…… A LOT!!! About 1 week ago, i “discovered” INSTAGRAM… WOW… you might think, well… i am a Facebook girl, BUT now i am also an Instagram girl 🙂 ❤

I am not really sure i get the point of it ………..yet, but i will get there, i think… why shouldn´t I 😉

Ok, here is what i do not really get, so if you have some words to help me, pls feel free to write in the comment below, i would actually REALLY appreciate your words, as this is completely new to me, and i am … well.. a little bit confused 🙂

So i post some pictures… and some one likes them. Fine, i DO understand that 🙂 Then some one “follows” me… that is SO nice, but here is what i do not get: then all of a sudden they “un-follow” me again… WHY???? 🙂 Ok, maybe i am not that interesting, so they want to keep following me, or maybe it is because i did not “follow” them… do you have a clue, what makes people “un-follow” again?

Here is what i think, and what i am doing now: When someone starts “following” me, i start following them 🙂 WAUUUU… what do you think of THAT strategy? Is that a good one or not? Well, for now, until some of you tell me otherwise, that is what i will do…(pls tell me otherwise if this is a crazy or stupid move, and PLS explain WHY and WHAT i should do insted 🙂 )

So what do i post.. i post quotes, as you all know I LOVE quotes ❤ and for some reason, others does the same, and then they ❤ and follow 🙂 So simple and so wonderful 😉 ❤

So then my next question, i have like 570 “followers” (THANK YOU SO MUCH, i love that you are following me <3) Then my question is, what makes someone with like more than 40.000 “followers”, decide to “follow” me???? Pls let me know if YOU know 🙂

So i made a few # of my own… like: #Marlies_E #Alwaysareasontosmile #Altidengrundtilatsmile  #Unika4u and more of that… so the point is to get people who is searching for these # to fine MINE… but then what? Will I have to ask people to # me on their posts, and how do i get them to do that?

Soooo many questions.. sorry this CRAZY post today, i just wanted to share, that i  do not REALLY get this, but i still LOVE it ❤ and think it is GREAT fun 🙂

I get to post some wonderful quotes, and i get to read a lot of other interesting things, and i really really REALLY hope, that one day, I also get it, what this is, and what i can use it for 🙂

I hope you will share your insights on Instagram with me, as that would really make a HUGH difference to me, to actually UNDERSTAND what i am doing, and for what reason i SHOULD do it 🙂 And then… please, if you are there anyway, pls remember to # me…then i will for sure look at what you write on your Instagram… i am: there under: #marlies_e , but i also use: #alwaysareasontosmile #altidengrundtilatsmile #unika4u #lifelovesyou #lovelife and a few more….

Sending love and smiles your way ❤ and i hope you will write something to help me understand ❤


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  1. Hi Marlies
    As far as I understand, # is for events or like categorising pictures and comments. Like when I wanted to get some info about the shooting at FLL airport before we went on our way to the airport, I searched Twitter for the hashtag #FLLShooting and alike giving me comments and news that people had categorised as something having connection to the shooting, by writing #FLLShooting.

    On the other hand, if you would like to write something to a person, a company or alike, you use @ followed by the username of the person you want to involve in a comment, write something to or make aware of a picture you posted or comment you wrote.

    Best regards
    Stephen Hau


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