Today there will only be an English version on the blog ❤

We came back to Denmark 2 days ago, and i have been feeling like crap since… i thought it was because i normally do not eat a lot of unhealthy food, and in the US i had all the food i normally do not eat, and then i thought my body was screaming for sugar, fat, bread etc. Today i spend most of the day sleeping, so it is going to be interesting to see if i am able to sleep tonight AT ALL 🙂 🙂 🙂 I think my body i screaming because it is not used to be “poisoned” by crap food, AND then i think i have jetlag… i never thought jetlag would be visiting me.. but guess what… i was wrong 🙂 😦

Well, now you know why i have been a bit quiet the past days, i hope that tomorrow i am all fit and fine again 🙂 ❤ I am not used to feel like this, so it is bit upsetting to me… well tomorrow will be a new day, and i decide now, that tomorrow i am back to my good old self again 🙂

The past few days, after coming back home again, we of course, have cooked dinner again, not eating out as we did in the US, and it feels SO much better in my body, even the kids want´s all the vegetables … now THAT is wonderful 🙂

I think, after seeing so many people not taking care of themselves in the US, it has come even more to my mind, how lucky i am to live in a country where healthy food is an option, and i am thankful to the supermarkedets here, that they have such a HUGH variety of veggies, fruit, meat, eggs and the list goes on, of organic food. I am KNOW that here in Denmark, we also have a LOT of crap food, just like in the US, but i know where to find my organic food in the food store here.

In Denmark we are not using High Fructose corn syrup… YET…  and i really really really hope we never will get to use it, it is poison if you ask me….and i think that if we do not keep an eye on the things we eat, and when it contains this product, we might as well just as well, stat making appointments with the doctors already, as this can give fatty liver, and can cause diabetes 2 and also make us die earlier than expected… Let´s really think about what we put into our body, while eating and drinking, HFCS or not… our body is the thing that makes us run, and live and have fun and do things we love to do. If we feed it crap… we will get a body that will not be able to do the things we deep down want. So please always remember, the fuel you put into you body, determines what kind of life we can live, now and later on.

My body had a lot of veggies, water, a bit of fruit and some fibers today. I can really feel the difference in my body… listen to it, ALSO when you eat, as your body do not lie to you, never has, and never will. And if you want a long healthy life, then consider what your are offering to you temple ❤


Love and light (and LOTS of healthy foods) ❤



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